Argen World SRL

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Main Services

Currently, Argen World has a vast array of services that cover national and international freight forwarding, customs, clearance, development, and consultancy of new businesses.

  • Dangerous Goods
  • International Removals
  • Consolidation
  • Management and Consulting
  • Live Animal Transportation
  • Perishable Goods Transportation
  • Special Services
  • International Transportation Insurance
  • Shipping Human Remains
Argenworld Mercaderías Peligrosas

Dangerous Goods

Argen World has significant experience in carrying approved dangerous goods. Learn more about conditions and regulations to ensure your shipments are fully compliant.

Shippers are responsible for confirming if their dangerous goods shipments will transit to the destination by air or road and prepare the shipment accordingly.

Argenworld Mudanzas Internacionales

International Removals

We offer International Removals of objects of all kinds, which are carefully packed in your home by highly-trained personnel who prepare the packing and boxes in a customized way. We provide comprehensive consulting regarding the requirements that International Removals must comply with.

We manage the entry of your International Removal to Argentina. We also offer local office removals, door-to-door delivery in Argentina and customer service.

Argenworld Cargas Consolidadas


Our transport division provides a scheduled service from our consolidation centers. Moreover, we can offer deliveries in any part of the world.

  • FCL and LCL sea freight
  • DOOR-TO-DOOR Delivery
  • Packing and Packaging
Argenworld Asesoramiento y Gestión aduanera

Management and Consulting

We have over 45 years of experience in customs management for import and export operations. We grant our customers with a comprehensive coordination service, providing permanent advice on regulations, payment instruments, insurance, drafting of documents and the general organization of the shipment, transforming the countless steps into a dynamic and fluid management, with a professional team working together to meet your needs.

Our team of professionals is qualified in several areas to offer the required attention, always bearing in mind our values and principles stated from the very beginning.

Argenworld Transporte de Equinos y Animales Vivos

Live Animal Transportation

We provide specialized attention and offer all the necessary care. In order to secure the well-being of the animals we transport, we comply with IATA's Live Animals Regulations and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

Argenworld Transporte de Perecederos

Perishable Goods Transportation

The transportation of perishable goods is regulated by international agreements and regulations that concern vehicles adapted to such end. Technical and health regulations determine how food transportation should be made, which are the special specification vehicles must comply with and necessary control procedures to ensure their security.

Special Services

We also provide the following services:

  • PER Perishable
  • AVI Live Animals
  • DGR Dangerous Goods

    (issuance of certificates - labeling and shipment)

  • Human remains

    (arrangements in involved agencies)

  • Diplomatic tax exemptions
  • Pieces of Artwork

    (procedures in Visual Arts and formalization of documents)

  • Insurance of Goods

    (issuance of definitive policies through our systems)

International Transportation Insurance

We have the support of worldwide companies to manage your international transportation insurance policies from any part of the world to your final destination to and from Argentina.

Without going through extensive and time-consuming documentation processes, you will have your cargo insured instantly just by informing its basic information. We prepare the Certificate of Coverage which will support you during the whole trip.

Shipping Human Remains

As part of their current activities and for a long time, Argen World serves funeral parlors and handles the reception and sending of caskets, from and to any part of the world. Our extensive network helps our customers meet their needs, such as shipping and inquiries.

As this activity increased, Argen World understood emerging requirements and nowadays offers a variety of services regularly and directly.

Quote of international freight services
According to destinations and advice from airline operators - timetables and most convenient rates.

Compliance with safety regulations required by airline operators.

Arrangements for officialization
Thanatopraxis certification. Consular affairs.

Dispatch of international paperwork to the foreign agent and/or funeral parlor.

Pre-shipment verification and scanning

According to current international provisions.

Follow up and concurrence of reception in the destination.

Reception in airports with our own staff, available 24 hours a day
Customs and Office of Sanitary Border Control management